About - Bill McCarroll

Bill McCarroll


 I'm a Southern California photographer. Film is my passion. I love the physical characteristics of film. From the exposure of a roll of 35mm in a few favorite cameras to a spool of 120 medium format film and occasionally a 4x5 large format view camera. I take the extra time and effort to make film work including development of black and white, not because I have to; rather because I love to.

For me, film is a craft, a passionate pursuit that completes my photography. I also use digital cameras. I photograph a variety of subjects from street to urban and landscape. I am interested in anything that catches my eye.

Thanks for stopping by. Please send a note through the contact link above if you have any comments or questions.

My Gear:

Leica MP

Leica M (typ262)

Summarit 35mm

Summilux 50mm

Summicron 50mm

Elmar 9cm 90mm 

Rolleiflex 2.8f

Mamiya RB67 w/127mm lens

Tachihara Large Format 4x5

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