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July 19, 2021

Cruising Grand, Escondido

I’m restarting my blog, this is my first post in many years.

I had an extensive blog in the past but lost everything when I switched to a different platform for my website that didn’t offer a blog option.

This first post will be familiar to some, it’s back to work at Cruising Grand to document the classic cars and hot rods that show up every Friday night during the summer on Grand Avenue in Escondido, California.

I’m now using a mix of cameras, both film and digital. For the most part, my film shots will be on my Rolleiflex 2.8f and my digital shots will be with my Fuji gear, an X-T4 and X100V.

I am trying to capture the essence of Cruising Grand with my images. Sure, there are a lot of pictures of cars that some will like and many won’t. I’m a car guy so I love seeing these classic chariots almost every Friday night. I’ve been going here every year since 2012 and have quite a catalog of pictures from every year except 2020 when the venue closed for the season due to the pandemic.

The people are as important to me as the cars. So many have come back this year which is great and gives me the opportunity to see their faces again, some familiar and some new.

Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

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