Off to a (Good) Start - Bill McCarroll

Off to a (Good) Start

January 15, 2019

I started off the year thinking that I needed to ramp up my efforts to take photographs. I think I'm off to a decent start.

This past weekend saw me on a short trip to our local winery with my 4x5 Tachihara.

The winery is a great place to photograph with all sorts of old machinery scattered around the property. I loaded up four film holders with Ilford FP4+.

First stop was to the Winery's front office to ask permission to photograph. They have lots of events here including weddings and community markets. There are times they'd prefer not to see guys like me setting up tripods with large format cameras or any camera for that matter. Images taken here are intended for personal use and not expected to be taken for commercial purposes.

It was fairly early on Saturday morning. I ventured off to a far corner of the property to photograph this old tractor. It's been sitting there for years. I have taken images of this subject many times before when it was in much better shape. But it's aging in a nice way. The tractor has a red patina that reflects its age nicely. Even though I was using black and white, the aging shows through.

I did take away some lessons learned from this outing. One big one was perspective.  Using a 90mm lens does create some distortion in close up subjects.   

It was a nice morning. I took a total of eight frames. The FP4+ was really nice to use. I had no scratches on the negatives and I managed to keep dust down to almost nothing. The shots were all processed in HC110(b) for nine minutes in my SP445 developing tank. Scans were on an Epson V850 scanner. I think I'll keep using FP4+, I like the results. I still have a couple of boxes left to go through.

Some distortion at 90mm

Here are a few images to let you see my setup

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