Refined Perspective - Bill McCarroll

Refined Perspective

December 30, 2018

I think it's always a good idea to be a bit retrospective once in a while but not too often.

I've been taking a look back at my photography and wondering where I need to go.  Better to say, where I want to go.

I love black and white photography and I love film.  It seems logical to keep pressing forward with both tightly bound.  At times I question why.  Why continue with a medium that seems to have been overtaken in a technology driven world? Why go to the extra bother of working with film and all the overhead that comes with it?  It would be so easy to leave analog behind and move on.  I've tried it over the past few years and have always come away wanting. 

So, I will continue with film in small, medium and large formats.  There will be times I will come away disappointed in my pursuits.  For the most part, those disappointments will be rooted not in the medium but in the content.  I will accept the shortcomings and persevere.

I had a Wordpress blog/journal that I'm going to leave behind. I found that while the content wasn't necessarily bad, it lacks focus.  So, I'm going to lean more heavily on my commitment to SmugMug and work with their tools to keep a journal.  I will do my best to keep it focused and true to my love for film photography.

Looking back at 2018, here are some of my favorite images.  To be honest, I can't say that I had a great year photographically.  

I wish you all the very best in 2019 and if you're a film user like me, keep moving forward with our tried and true approach to the ways we love.

A day at the Park

First walk at Mission Beach for 2018
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