My digital images are just another forum for my overall photography style.  I use a digital camera to capture the same variety of subjects I love to shoot.  They do have a different quality about them, not necessarily better or worse.  


 © Bill McCarroll 2015


I love to photograph with my film cameras. I use a 35mm, 120mm and a large format 4x5 cameras for my analog photography.  Film has a rich look with deep colors and for my black and white, a contrasty look that defines my style and preferences.


 © Bill McCarroll 2016

Keep up to date

Please follow my work through my Journal that I try to keep updated as much as possible.  Many of my images don't make it into galleries but I do share much of what I shoot through my Journal.  Also, if you're up to it, you can check out my 365 Project from 2016 where I shared a daily image grouped into fifty two weeks.